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2014 Charity of the Year


Chicktime is a grass roots movement meant to support and encourage women living on the wild side, pursuing their passions with gusto. It is our belief that if each woman on the planet right now takes her place we can together accomplish the phenomenal.

 We help passionate women set up Chicktime groups in their areas and get you started with all the goodies (bracelets, t-shirts, and our support!).  Chicktime groups accomplish many things, here are a few:  Connect women to creative and fun opportunities to pursue their passions while serving others, provide a place for mothers/daughters to serve and play together, and raise awareness for local women and children’s charities.


Each Chicktime chapter partners with local charities. A typical Chicktime chapter consists of 3 core leaders and 12 monthly workshop/activity leaders, you will need one woman to lead the activity each month (based on the “bunco concept!”)  Most chapters grow to 100+ members!  What do the volunteers do who aren’t leading the workshop/activity that month? They show up and play!! Each monthly activity/workshop leader identifies her gift – something she loves to do – and turns it into an activity appropriate for the children (or whatever population) your chapter serves (and the women/volunteers who show up to play). There is so much passion and joy wrapped up in the activity/workshop that everyone present can’t help but wonder, “what is my passion… and how can I use it to bring joy to others?” And remember, if you are not the leader that month, as a volunteer, you just show up to assist the leader and love on the children (or whatever population) your charity serves – guilt-free serving!

 The idea is to expose the next generation to a wide array of gifts and talents so that they can look inside themselves and identify their own.


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